Friday, September 11, 2009

Consider Selling Ads in Your Book.

Sometimes it makes cents: Scott Mares, author of The Complete Book of Cyclocross, sold ads in his first edition and sold more for his second edition (just now available). The ads make sense in his book. They add credibility, a sense of participation by cycling vendors, and value to the book for readers. Oh, and they helped fund some of his upfront costs.

You don't see this as a rule because sometimes ads aren't appropriate or just aren't available. However, if ads make sense for your project, be sure you do the following. Have your advertisers sign a simple contract, specifying the following:
  • Ad specs: size; color; bleeds available or not; position. you promised any.
  • Artwork specs: file format and size and deadline
  • Cost: free, or specific $$s, or barter for goods, services, or other concessions. Specify the limits (e.g., for the life of the edition, for so many books sold, etc.), when payment is due, and any extra charges that apply (e.g., design charges if you have to create the ad for them)
You may be tempted to make these arrangements on a handshake, but getting everything in writing will clarify expectations and help keep you out of trouble. The Publishing Pro, LLC

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