Sunday, October 20, 2013

Children's Book Tip: Define Your Concept.

First things first: Before you even start writing (or drawing) your children's book, you need to think it through. This begins with the concept. Answer these questions:
  • What is your book about? (e.g., dinosaurs, bananas,
  • What is its purpose? (e.g., to teach reading skills, to
    change behavior, to support children, to have fun)
  • Who is the main character? (e.g., a greyhound, a third-grader)
  • What is the tone? (e.g., funny, gentle, crude)
  • What is its message? (e.g., you're not alone, do the right
Note: Generally, I've switched to advising all book authors to begin the publishing process by deciding on their core reader. (See previous post on memoir writing.) This exception is from my book, How to Publish Your Own Children's Book, which I'm in the process of revising. On review, the exception makes sense. The Publishing Pro

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