Thursday, February 13, 2014

Children's Book Tip: Write Your Business Plan.

If you are going to publish your own children's book, you should do a business plan. But this is not the first thing you should do. If you have been following my previous posts on the subject of children's books, you have answered some preliminary questions.

You know what you want to write about, what you want to say, what message you want to deliver, and what tone you want to strike. You know who your book is for. You know who is going to buy it. And most important, you know how your book is going to change lives.

Surprise! You are almost done with your business plan. All you have to do is answer three more questions. And yes, it is a good idea to answer these questions before you start to put your book together.

•    How will I reach my buyers?
•    What will it cost per book?
•    How much will I charge for it?

[This post is adapted from the forthcoming second edition of How to Publish Your Own Children's Book.]—The Publishing Pro

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