Sunday, February 15, 2015

Serious Authors Put Promotion Before Publishing

Change Your Thinking: Wanna-be authors tend to think you publish a book and then promote it. I don't blame them for thinking this way, but it's backwards. Rebecca Abrahamson, editor of Divine Diversity: An Orthodox Rabbi Engages with Muslims, reminded me of this. Ben Abrahamson, an Orthodox rabbi and Rebecca's husband, had attracted some 8,000 followers to his Facebook page focused on respectful conversation between religious Jews and Muslims. The two notified their followers that a book was in the work months ahead of time, creating a pent-up demand for the published product. Once the book was published, it began selling on Amazon, which earned them enough to pay for the preparation costs. The success is a bit unusual, but it happened because they got the horse before the cart. Promotion before Publishing. The Publishing Pro.

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Rebecca Abrahamson said...

Hello Ken from Rebecca Abrahamson! I was wary about promotion before publication but it works. I was proud to send Ken the third payment from his services with the royalties I started making the very day the book went to print. Authors may not always tend towards the business side of publication, but think of promotion as another form of communication. Just like you invested in authoring a book, you invest in sharing it. Facebook friends encouraged me not to be timid! I encourage budding authors to use a facebook or similar tool for feedback while their book is in process. This includes both content and cover art. Facebook and the like encourages the gathering of like-minded people. The feedback you get will give you a boost in confidence getting you out of that ivory tower into the open more comfortably than you thought. And I recommend Ken's book "Marketing Your Own Book" for more tips. Be blessed!