Monday, March 16, 2015

How to Use Social Media for Your Business

Some tentative rules: I've struggled as much as anyone with how to get up to speed on social media. Part of the frustration is because the emphasis seems to be on getting up to speed before knowing where we're going. This leads to rule number one:
  1. If you don't know where you're going, go slow. It's okay to play, but flooring it is probably not the best play.
  2. As implied in my headline, it's about your businessnot your book. This follows my standing rule that you put the marketing of your book in the larger context of promoting your work.
  3. Use social media to focus on your customers, not on your products. If you focus on your customers' needs first, they aren't going to feel like you're trying to sell them something. Instead they will search out your products and services (and books) because your products and services are designed to help them. Right?
  4. Focus. Find a social media platform that suits you. If you have a talent for writing, blogs make a lot of sense. If writing is a struggle, look for something else. Maybe a Facebook page is right for you. Or maybe Pinterest. If you're a twit ... oh, never mind.
  5. Stick with your chosen media. At least for a while. Long enough to get good at itor to realize this medium just isn't the one.
  6. Don't assume that social media is good for direct selling. It isn't, not that I can see. It does have potential for connecting with customersexisting or prospective. That's related to selling, but it's not the same thing.
  7. Decide if you should mix your personal and professional brands. I don't think combining them is a good idea, but it might work for you.The Publishing Pro

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