Monday, August 15, 2005

Looking for a Shopping Cart?

Increase Your Orders: If you're publishing your own book, especially if you have more than one, you might invest in a shopping cart along with a credit-card merchant account. For years, we've used and been satisfied with the shopping cart provided by You'll pay a around $300 a year, depending on how your billing arrangements, but it's relatively simple to set up, has a merchant gateway (so you can add automatic credit- card processing if you want), has great flexibility, and has been trouble free. Some ISPs, like, are now providing shopping carts as part of their webhosting service. We haven't tried it, but because it works at no added cost, it's worth a look. As an alternative, if you get your book produced by The Publishing Pro, LLC, you can have a free web page with a shopping cart link and we'll ship the book for you for a regular trade discount (20%). You can get more extensive--and pricier--services from various On-Demand Publisher/Printers.