Friday, June 16, 2006

Do You Need an ISBN?

Maybe: If you think you might sell your book through resellers like or regular bookstores, you should get an ISBN. You only need one ISBN per book, but you'll need to order a minimum of ten numbers for about $275.00. Sorry about that; it's the way it works. You can order your set online at An ISBN is a unique number that helps booksellers make sure their customers get the book they wanted instead of a different book with the same or similar title or the wrong edition of the book the right book. At The Publishing Pro, LLC, we do not provide our customers with an ISBN and strongly recommend that they get their own. The extra cost is worth it. We've heard too many horror stories from newbie publishers who thought it convenient or money-saving to use an ISBN owned by a quasi-publisher, a printer, or a well-meaning friend trying to save them money. The Publishing Pro, LLC.