Design and Production

Kindle: What We Know So Far
Color Is Wonderful ...
Book Publishing Faced a Fork in the Road ...
New Service Coming from The Publishing Pro
What Goes on the Back Cover?
What's Most Important about Your Cover?
Plan for the Right Trim Size and Book Length.
Printing Prep: It's Complicated.
Do-It-Yourself Typography: Justified vs. Ragged
Plan Your Revisions.
Consider These Three POD Companies.
Design Your Own Novel with Microsoft Word.
When Should You Design Your Own Book? 


For Emphasis: Less Is More.
Copyright May Not Work the Way You Think.
Need a Website? Get a Blog.
Free Software Puts the Fun Back in Writing.
Add Value: Ad an Index to Your Book.
Self Publishers: Manage Your Editorial Team.
What I Learned from Publishing My Own Book
Does Your Book Proposal Have Curb Appeal?
Before You Write Your Memoir ...
Use a Blog to Beta-Test Your Book.
Copy Editing: So You Think You Can Do It? 
Turn Your Permissions Problem Into Opportunity.
How Do You Talk about Others in Your Memoir?
Nowadays Books Are Not Written In Stone.

General Publishing/Business/Administration

Two Tools You Can Use
My Authors Have the Best Ideas.
Try These Tools.
Work for Hire: Use a Legal Template?
Now You Can Get Reasonable Book Fulfillment.
What Kind of Agreement Do You Make with Your Illustrator?
Why Should You Self-Publish?
File-Sharing Sites Are Stealing Ebooks.
How Do You Define Publishing Success?
How Do You Handle Returns? You Have 3 Choices.
When Should You Publish Your Book in Print?
Charging Sales Tax for Your Book.
How Do You Name Your 'Publishing House'?
Will Apple's "Tablet" Kill Amazon's "Kindle"?
Are Printed Books Going Away?
Who Taught Me What I Know ...
Anthologies Can Be a Good Way to Go.
How Do You Protect Your Copyright ...
What Does It Mean to Be a Self-Publisher?


Marketing Tip: Lead with Your Strength.
Social Media: Separate Business from Personal.
How Should Authors Use Social Media.
Book Trailers: Are They Worth It?
Marketing Tip: How to Leverage Family and Friends
Marketing Tip: Define Your Sub-Culture.
You're an Author? You're an Expert.
Marketing Tip: Write Articles.
Make Sure the Price Is Right.
Questions Could Be Your Marketing Answer.
How Do You Price Your Ebook?
Let's Get Real: Pseudonyms Have Their Uses.
Don't Sell Yourself Short.
Take These Ten Marketing Steps.
Send Press Releases Online.
Use a 'First Edition' to Sell Advance Copies.

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