Monday, January 25, 2016

What's an LCCN, LOC, PCN, and CIP?

And why should you care? I've never gotten too exercised about Library of Congress numbers, but the following post from Indies Unlimited is about as clear as it gets.
"LCCN stands for Library of Congress Control Number. It’s a unique identifier issued by the Library of Congress (LOC) to books that get included in their collection. Some people desire this number because librarians across the nation and the world tend to catalog their books using the LCCN number. There is only one LCCN per book, whereas each edition of a book requires a new ISBN (eBook, paperback, hardback, special editions), and will likely have multiple ISBNs."
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Thanks to Anne Flint, author of Fettigrew Hall and a forthcoming prequel, for forwarding the above post.The PublishingPro

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