Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just Do It!

Circulating One Book Is Publishing: Many, maybe even most, would-be children's book authors get discouraged when they find out how difficult it is to get published. And then, because they have a misperception that self-publishing is expensive, they simply give up their dream. What we tell would-be children's authors is to "just do it! At whatever level you can." Self-publishing can be expensive. But it doesn't have to be. In fact, if you are doing your own illustrating and writing, you can create your book on Microsoft Word and get one copy printed and bound. With a bit of expertise, you can produce a "one-off" that looks quite credible. If you circulate only that one book and that one book is enjoyed by one child, you've accomplished something. In fact, we think this is a good way to start. Instead of printing only one book, maybe you print 10 books that you circulate to parents, teachers, and children that you know. You are publishing! Moreover, if you follow up, you can get valuable feedback that you can use to adjust your "next edition." Keep doing this, with your first book or the next. And another thing: you can use your copyprinted books, especially after adjustments based on customer feedback, to send to potential publishers. The main thing is not to give up but to publish in whatever way you can. And then to keep going. The same principle works for other types of books. The Publishing Pro, LLC.

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